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Digital Marketing: SEO and SMO vs SEM and SMM

Digital Marketing is heating up. The audiences for traditional newspapers and television shows are evaporating, so those advertising activities are going digital. It’s getting even easier for you to get lost in the online crowd. The first step to getting found is understanding your options.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Reaching the top of organic search results can take time but it can be done — if you do it right. It starts with good site structure. All of the behind-the-scenes tags and fields should be populated correctly. The site should load quickly. Once people get to your site, make sure their experience is pleasant. Navigation should be clear and intuitive. Provide information of value to your audience. Whether it’s products or services, information or entertainment, you need to know what they need. Something is missing and you want them to find it on your website.

SMO – Social Media Optimization
Everything you do online impacts your brand, so make sure what you’re putting out there is how you want to be known. The first thing to do is to optimize your profile. This includes having a profile image that looks good even when it’s very small. Be very deliberate in how you fill out the rest of the profile. You’ll need to develop and post engaging content on a regular basis. Make it something people will want to comment on and share with others. Don’t post just for the sake of posting — put some real thought into it. Be responsive. When someone posts a comment, especially when it’s contrary to what you’ve posted, respond quickly and professionally. Engage them in a conversation.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing
Relevant, well-placed ads at the top of search engine results can have a significant beneficial result. Users typically perform a search to help them solve a problem. They’re in need of something and you can be in the right place at the right time to meet that need. SEO activities can take many months to have a real impact. SEM can be a short-term solution that can pay off significantly. Just be sure to monitor your budget and return on investment.

SMM – Social Media Marketing
Social Media marketing is similar to Search Engine Marketing but it allows you to be a little more creative and strategic about how you connect with your audience. If done correctly, SMM can lead to exponential results for a relatively small investment

Know Your Goals — And Your Budget
Before you even begin, you should have specific goals in mind. What is the “North Star Metric” that will guide you as you judge the success of your efforts? Focus on that as you work toward your goals. Now figure out what achieving your goals is worth to you. Is there value in reaching those goals sooner rather than later? This should help you determine a budget that is a fraction of that value.

Experiment to Find What Works for You
There is no single digital marketing strategy that works for everyone. Each situation is unique. While you may be able to understand your audience over time, the only way to really do that is to try — and fail. Find out what works and what doesn’t work. Generating quality organic traffic requires time, creativity and patience.

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